Software Tech Enterprises (STE) provides solutions that aim to address our clients' business challenges, but also to effect enterprise-wide IT transformation. STE brings the following experience, skills and attributes to every client engagement:

Ability to align technology solutions to the customer’s business strategies to accomplish business goals and objectives


Over a decade of implementing complex business solutions


Excellent past performance that can be leveraged to address the client's business challenges


Right people with hands-on experience for the right job


Proven track record with the Federal Government and commercial clients for providing mission critical technical solutions, services and subject matter experts


Comprehensive suite of flexible methodologies, IT architectures, best practices and accelerated solutions


Ability to assist our clients in leveraging their technology at all stages – from strategy to implementation to ongoing operation – to gain a Return on Investment


Experience in assisting our clients to quickly improve productivity, increase profitability, and gain the ability to sustain a competitive advantage


Commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, a result of constantly doing what is right for the customer

In addition, STE has assisted our clients in improving their business operations and decision-making by providing data that is accurate, reliable, accessible and consistent. Our approach in providing this assistance includes the following key activities:


● Establish a strong data foundation layer on which business capabilities can be built to achieve their Enterprise Data Management goals


● Establish a “Single Version of the Truth” across the enterprise


● Reduce information costs and improve productivity for end users


● Facilitate cooperation and collaboration across the organization boundaries


● Improve regulatory compliance, control and risk management